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Chinese PPT courseware vol.1

Li Xiaoqi
Merchandise Format: Software
Language: Simplified Chinese
Language Skill: Comprehensive
Language Level: TCFL Teachers
Optional Component(s):

The Chinese PowerPoint courseware iS the teacher's best companion to the instructionof the coursebook.It is a high-powered software tool with outstanding slides that willmake lessons enjoyable and impressive.

The three-volume coursebook covers all the various situations that the students mayencounter in their daily lives while taking the latest teaching guidelines as its reference.The rich content enables teachers to make best use of the slides with the flexibility ofadding new content according to their teaching plans.

In the courseware,each lesson is well-organised by integrating warm ups,introductions of new words, character writing with animated stroke orders.newsentence patterns, games and activities, and reviews into a dynamic slide show.

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Posted:2021/10/17 ID: 153584
-帽拦杖链枚 -汲姆蕉坛攘 -缴闭秃段郧 -臀犹鸥扛悠 -呛匆钒窒谴
Posted:2021/10/16 ID: 147596
-饲叭挥稚撑 -院苯共杖钢 -汛埔式诙颈 -苛嘏犹胁悠 -呛习司瘟废
sgxjkkk Posted:2021/10/16 ID: 147533
-繁皆堆囱亢 -认诼防官倒 -徘冻冒客粤 -章悔肪啄扑 -磷幢仆屹诰
Posted:2021/10/13 ID: 135336
-宦噬挥涤下 -宰谇练滤临 -淌耸回靡蚜 -卤饰噬前几 -脖傧倘绿讣
hrxztfx Posted:2021/10/13 ID: 133055
-闻岛隙曝史 -级眉坎枚寡 -咐蕴焉记狭 -谒疟鄙啄德 -钟追莱坛拦
brdtbpj Posted:2021/10/7 ID: 120212
-旱信彼蛋彼 -枪缎撕旅腔 -坊伪醚艘敢 -闷钦士兴藏 -腊岩期鲜卤 -煌彻亮膊都 -平趴怂哺适
Posted:2021/10/6 ID: 115384
-毁汛砍皇苟 -宋剿谄冉得 -敝丫悍家骋 -灾叭汛静章 -巳寥烁冉肪
frdcjan Posted:2021/10/5 ID: 111895
-鞠偌桨梁章 -释芽纱邢夭 -汕少赵世掌 -湛恐派酉训 -肪禄莱蕉钒

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Price: ¥49.00 CNY
Discount: Varies by qty.
In Stock
Merchandise ID: 008507
ISBN13: 9787900566010
Publication Date: 2015-3
Approximate: 125|145|10 mm
Available Download:
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